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About DJK Chemicals

Hi, my name is David, the founder of DJK Chemicals & Luxury Shine.
I've been an owner and operator of an detailing business in Las Vegas, I've detailed everything from Lamborghini's, Luxury Yachts, SEMA Cars, & much more. With over 20 years of experience in the professional detailing industry, I was never satisfied with the products I would have to use day in and day out.

I've encountered a variety of situations where I wanted a product to not only to be better to use, but to also produce better and specific results for everyone, even the regular guy that wants his car looking PRISTINE, can do that without breaking the bank or worrying about wasting hours applying a coat.

DJK Chemicals works closely with an in-house chemist to have complete control of the process to ensure the highest level of quality in all of our products. All of our products at DJK Chemicals go through an exhaustive testing process including temperature extremities before being released to the market.
DJK Chemicals is by detailers and for everyone. Our products are specialized, unique, and user friendly. Welcome to the family.