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So Powerful, Some Experts Call It The Best Paint Sealant & Ceramic Booster In The Market

Discover the revolutionary new advanced 3-in-1 ceramic water-less wash, coat, and shine formula that’s taking the home detailing world by storm!


The Sure-Fire “Spray and Wipe” Waterless Car Wash That Takes Minutes to Deliver Professional Results!

DJK Luxury Shine is the Quickest, Safest All-in-One Cleaner on the Market… And It Cleans EVERYTHING!

Finally, there is one comprehensive car wash and detailing product to rule them all!

Get rid of all your garage cleaning product clutter, spare yourself the ache of elbow grease, and enjoy incredible, high-gloss professional shine every day!

DJK Chemicals Luxury Shine is the ORIGINAL AND THE BEST, delivering a proven shine on:

Home Appliances
Clear Coat Finishes

RV/ Motorhomes
Boats & Yachts
 Satin Finishes

...And Much More!

Save Time and Money and STILL Get that Shiny and Protective Showroom Finish That Turns Heads!

Verified Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers:

GET THE CAR SHOWROOM LOOK in minutes with a simple single-handed ‘spray and wipe’ formula that washes, coats, and shines for renewed color and shine.

LONG-LASTING PROTECTION in one bottle against dirt, water, tar, and other environmental road hazards for up to six months, preserving your car longer.

TESTED IN DEATH VALLEY temperatures of 120°F in direct sunlight and refined to heat immunity with no smears, no baking, and no flaking - guaranteed!

SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on annual detailing while masking ugly defect, protecting against dirt and grime, and retaining your car’s brand-new finish look.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Save on water while reducing the use of harsh chemicals without compromising on performance and long-lasting results

Save Thousands of Dollars and NEVER Wax Again… While Enjoying Super Shine and Long-Lasting Protective Coating!

Industry Standard, Crystal-Clear Results in Minutes

Are you tired of spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on car detailing to keep your pride and joy looking like it just rolled out of the showroom?
Hate spending hours on a sunny afternoon waxing, polishing, washing, shampooing, shining, sealing, and finishing your vehicle only to get mediocre results?
If so, it’s time to…

Say NO to Long, Wasted Hours…
…And Say YES to Luxury Shine!

You’re about to discover the detailing industry’s best-kept secret – and one that they would rather keep to themselves.
After all, if anybody could give their car that luxury fresh out of the dealer look in just a few minutes, they would be out of a job!
And what’s more, Luxury Shine doesn’t only work on cars – our customers have found countless uses where this advanced finishing formula makes things look better than new, over and over again!

No Unsightly Smears.No Ugly Streaks.
Just a Luxury Shine!

Why spend hours using up the last of your elbow grease to get so-so results, when you can get the perfect shine every time using Luxury Shine is a simple, 3-step process?

Spray On
Rub With Microfiber Towel
Wipe Off

Developed by professionals, engineered in a laboratory, and used by some of America’s leading detailers, Luxury Shine is America’s top choice when it comes to a product that cleans, shines, seals, and protects every surface it touches!
As a bonus, it easily removes nasty squashed bugs and bird droppings in seconds!

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The Science Behind DJK Chemicals Luxury Shine’s Technologically-Advanced Formula

DJK Chemicals Luxury Shine cleans, polishes, and protects in minutes thanks to the use of microscopic, glass-like silica infused nanoparticles that make this such a powerful formulation.
Unlike the heavy-duty chemicals found in regular car cleaning products, Luxury Shine does several jobs in just one application while giving you serious eco-friendly credentials:

Fills in the light scratches and blemishes from typical wear and tear of daily commuting
Adds a beautiful, glossy, mirror-like finish that increases the richness and depth of color
Offers 20x the protection of wax from a stronger chemical bond that lasts longer and protects more
Cleans multiple surface types with ease and without damaging thanks to its pH-neutral profile. Spray, rub, and wipe without staining or worries!

And, with a 3-in-1 wash, coat, and shine process, there’s no waiting around for drying and no time for dust and other environmental contaminants to stick to your vehicle, giving it a glossy shine, you won’t believe took just a few minutes to achieve!

One High-Performance Spray to Replace Everything

Once you start using Luxury Shine, you’ll start finding more and more uses for this magical formula.

Not only does it make short work of your car’s finish, but it also works on materials like rubber, plastic, glass, stainless steel, fiberglass, epoxy, leather, vinyl, and more, restoring all surfaces to a brand-new appearance!

Because this formula uses pH-neutral silica infused nanoparticle technology, it’s tough on blemishes, but kind on surfaces without having to resort to stinky, hazardous chemicals!

Discover the best-kept secret in the detailing industry today, and you’ll never look back (unless you want to admire the rich, glossy shine and showroom look in your car and home) …

…and all it takes is a spray, a rub, a wipe, and a few minutes of your time!

Don’t settle for second best…
Try Luxury Shine Risk-Free And Discover The Difference

DJK Chemicals Luxury Shine Starter Pack

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Discover a whole new world of car care with the world’s most advanced water-less ceramic cleaner today. Save 33% and enjoy free shipping and our 30-day money-back guarantee and give your car a touch of showroom luxury!

1 16oz Luxury Shine Paint Sealant & Ceramic Booster
2 Luxury Quality, Machine Washable Microfiber Cloths

DJK Luxury Shine Power User Pack

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Get bigger savings with a $99.97 price slash while getting double the Luxury Shine! Try risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee and take advantage of our free shipping while discovering how easy home detailing is with the right tools!

2 16oz Luxury Shine Paint Sealant & Ceramic Booster

4 Luxury Quality, Machine Washable Microfiber Cloths

DJK Luxury Shine Professional Pack *Best Value*

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Get the best value pack today and save $139.98 on regular retail pricing while taking advantage of our free shipping and our industry-leading 30-day money-back guarantee. Never run out and always have DJK Luxury Shine to hand!

3 16oz Luxury Shine Paint Sealant & Ceramic Booster

6 Luxury Quality, Machine Washable Microfiber Cloths

Try DJK Luxury Shine Risk-Free for 30 Days with Our “Love It or Your Money Back” Guarantee!

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